About Us

Who are we?

We are a handful of millennials that set out to come up with a game that was anything but ordinary. We had played all the games that were out there all again and again, we wanted a game that could liven up the night regardless of who you are playing with. We did just that.


What is Do or Drink?

Do or DRINK is your new favorite party game. This game brings strangers closer together, has the potential to break up year long friendships and has even played a hand in getting a few people pregnant. If you are looking for a game that will make you laugh so hard you cry and show a side of you you didn’t know was there, look no further. Best part is you probably won’t remember what happened the next day.


What do I buy?

Start with our OG Do Or Drink core pack. This game has 350 cards that will last you a few drunken nights. When you and your friend fall in love with the game, order the red or blue expansion pack. This add 150 ridiculous cards to your collection. Looking for more? Check out our 50 card theme packs. Still wanting more? Check out our brand new game, Blackout Trivia. It is exactly what it sounds like, a NSFW trivia game with 500 cards that will get you wasted.