we spent our website budget on alcohol for our tiktok videos

warning: we are not responsible for arrests, breakups, fights, and/or blackouts. (our lawyers made us write this)

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we're the #1 drinking game in America for a reason

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This game is super dirty
Multiple sexual positions with multiple people

- Unnamed Amazon Customer

This game will have you In jail ! And I ended up returning the game because some of the cards are just beyond weird and disrespectful some cards tell you get naked and ask your neighbors for things and you never know who could answer the door ! Some cards ask you to suck the nipple of the next person.

- SunnyB

I'm not a prude by any means. I can handle raunchiness and sex jokes. But I mean it when I say this: unless you and your friends all already want to bang each other, or you're all in some kind of heavily sexual polyamorous relationship, don't buy this game.

- Adi

This game is extremely inappropriate. I got this for my wife's 30th birthday party. It is more for a sex party. This is all about doing uncomfortable inappropriate things with random people playing. Just reading the cards out loud made you feel uncomfortable.

- tedleefontain

if you scrolled this far down use code "DRUNK" for 10% off. buy here instead of amazon because they take a big ass cut lol