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Blackout Trivia

If you like Do or Drink and have a dirty mind then this is the next game for you. A trivia party game that is guaranteed to get you and your friends wasted. Compete to win the most cards or blackout trying. This game will test you courage and tolerance. This game contains 500 cards total with 350 trivia cards and 150 white cards.
If You Like Do Or Drink And Have A Dirty Mind Then This Is The Next Game For You. A Trivia Party Game That Is Guaranteed To Get You And Your Friends Wasted. Compete To Win The Most Cards Or Blackout Trying. This Game Will Test You Courage And Tolerance. This Game Contains 500 Cards Total With 350 Trivia Cards And 150 White Cards.

What People Are Screaming

(Pro tip - best read in a drunk voice)

"This game is definitely one of the best drinking games I have played. It was super easy to learn how to play. No issue at all comprehending the intructions! Presentation was also great; the cards are very well made."
— Katycatbritt
"My friends and I play this game for hours and we never get bored, each card is different but equally hilarious! My friends and I have created so many memories, even though we can't remember all of them!"
— Tory
"DO or DRINK is a perfect game for a bunch of crazy friends who know how to have fun. The challenges are mostly acceptable, but some are demential, which makes the game special."
— Codo
"I hosted a game night once a month and this was our February and March game. We loved it that much! This card game is wild and crazy and not for the weak- so you better have open minded and no limitation friends, lol."
— Mz Jones
"My friends and I played this at my 24th birthday movie/game night lol. We were all literally dying with laughter the entire time. My cheeks hurt by the end of the night from all the shenanigans that went down."
— Blaurel

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