Big Drunk Energy

Bundles includes:

1 x Big Drunk Energy (White) 

1 x Big Drunk Energy (Black) 


    There's no reason to have a mediocre night out when you can have a blast with this bar game. 

    You'll start without big drunk energy, but by the end, you'll have it! It's either free drinks flowing your way if you play your cards correctly or you embarrass yourself publicly if you don't. 

    •  A real drinking game 
    • Nothing Held Back
    • Remember the wild times
    👋 HOW TO PLAY We filled a deck of cards with some of the most embarrassing challenges one can (legally) do in public. We stacked the deck with piggyback rides, rap battles, paper airplane contests and even some wholesome yodeling. Oh, and you must have all of these odd interactions with complete strangers. You better find your BDE fast, because this is the game where the weak pay for drinks and the bold are rewarded with free booze. Here’s to the bar nights you’ll hope you won’t remember.
  • 🂡 SAMPLE CARD Get a stranger to say the word "pineapple" without spelling it out, saying it, or showing it to them. You have 5 minutes.🍍
  • 😛 PERFECT FOR PARTIES AND GAME NIGHTS - It’s the most fun and savage party game. Awesome board card game to play with friends, office party, dinner, parties, etc

Big Drunk Energy

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You never lost in this game!
It’s time to get wasted! Do or Drink MF!


You never lost in this game!
It’s time to get wasted! Do or Drink MF!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I have your games shipped to?

We ship worldwide to all countries! we want everyone to be able experience what night is like playing our game so we have worked very hard to make this possible!

How long will international shipping take?

Your order will be processed in 5 business days. depending on where you are located shipping may take 1-3 weeks after processing. reach out to with any inquiries about your order.

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I want your game in less than a week... what do I do?

Don't fret! We are on amazon as well. if you need our game quickly for a party or event, you can find us on amazon by clicking here

I want to buy your game today, are you in any retail stores?

It's your lucky day! we have partnered with Spencer's stores. if you aren't already familiar with them, you are missing out! they carry most of our products in all of their locations. pick it up same day at any Spencer's locations.

My order didn't arrive or arrived damaged...

We are more than happy to help! just shoot us an email to with your name, order number and issue. we will get it fixed and you on your way to a good time in no time!

How hard is it to learn the rules?

We designed this game so it could be played easily. you are having a good time with family or friends and letting loose, we want your brain be able to chill too. you can easily pick this game and the rules up in 5 minutes or less.

Do you have more games?

We are constantly coming up with new games to launch. we usually aim to launch something new every month or two and will send an email out to our subscribers first! Have an idea for a game? send us an email to